About Calyssa Erb

Calyssa Erb is a queer, autistic Canadian writer of books for young readers. When not writing, she enjoys a tall mug of tea and hanging out with her Animal Crossing villagers. She currently lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Maya Plays
the Part

Coming March 5, 2024 from Annick Press!

Shortlisted for CANSCAIP's 2022 Writing for Children Competition.

Fans of Kelly Yang and Sarah Kapit will enjoy this endearing and heartfelt contemporary middle-grade novel about an eleven-year-old autistic girl determined to show everyone that she can be the star of the musical camp showcase.

The creation of this work was funded in part by an Ontario Arts Council grant.

Middle Grade, Fantasy

Drafting. The Barren Grounds meets Good Different plus dragons.

YA, Romance

Percolating. Tell Me Everything meets Frankly in Love but with WLW.

Middle Grade, Contemporary

Percolating. Dear Sweet Pea meets Candidly Cline on the volleyball court.


Calyssa's poetry focuses on queer joy, in response to a society that prioritizes cisheteronormative relationships and paths. Her poems have been published in AZE Journal and performed at Western University in Ontario, Canada and The Academy of Music Theatre in Maine, USA.

A Love Letter to Grey-Asexuality (2019)
What My Future Looks Like Now (2021)
The Weight Of It (2020)
Waking (2014)